How To Use Pinterest To Promote Your Blog l Step By Step

Tailwind is an excellent tool to grow your business and get people to your blog. But you shouldn’t use this alone, so if you want to know how to use pinterest to promote your blog – combine tailwind with these other strategies to drive thousands of visitors to your blog using pinterest.

In this post ‘how to use pinterest to promote your blog’ you will learn:

Everything you need to know about Group Boards to Succeed
Follow the daily tasks list to grow your business fast.

What Are Group Boards?

Group boards are set up by individuals on pinterest, most people can become a member of a group board, as long as you are interested and post in the same niche as that particular group board. Once you apply to a group board and are accepted, you can contribute to that board. This can give your pins a boost in exposure, because group boards usually have thousands of followers.

There is no limit to how many group boards you can apply to. The more the better! But not everybody will invite you to be a part of the group board, and that is why you need to set aside some time in the day to look and apply to as many group boards as you can.

How Can I Tell If It’s A Group Board?

You will be able to tell if it is a group board, when you look at the bottom left side you will notice a small circle with 2-3 profiles on. This is a group board.

Also, when you open up the board you will see more than one profile, circle picture on top of the page, near the follow button, which indicates is a group board.

Where to find Group Boards In My Niche?

There are 3 ways you can find group boards:

There are many ways you can find group boards, one is a site called Pingroupie Just enter a niche or keyword in the search bar and pingroupie will bring up a clickable list of group boards, that you can join.

Type in google your niche and then ‘group board list’ A lot of people on their blog write out a list of boards you can join.

You can also search on pinterest for group boards. Just type in ‘group board list’ in the pinterest search bar, and this will produce hundreds of posts for you to search through.

How To Apply For Group Boards

If you click to view the group on pinterest, you will usually find some instructions you have to follow to be accepted into the group. Usually this is to follow them, email them and sometimes answer a few questions (but nothing too hard!)

To message the group leader on pinterest you just need to find their user name. When on the pinterest page of the group board, just look at the URL

Also, if you click on the group boards profile pictures, a list will come up of people who are a member of this group board. The leader is the one at the top. It will show you their real name.

Next go to the messages tab at the top of page.

And begin to type in the real name or their username that appears in the URL. Their profile will come up, so that you can click on it and begin to type your message.

What To Say In The Message.

Just write:

Hi (type in the name if you know it)
I am interested in joining your group board, you seem to post similar content to what I post. (here you can acknowledge their rules) I have followed you and won’t repost the same pins.
Here is my pinterest page (pinterest URL)
My blog is (blog URL)
I would love to join your group board and create some amazing content
(Name and email address)

The Importance Of Organization

It’s important to note down all the group boards you have joined and their rules. There are so many group boards that you are applying for its easy to get confused, and you could end up accidentally breaking some groups rules and getting kicked out of the group if you don’t stay organized.

That’s why it’s best to set up an excel sheet to record everything you do. Once you have joined a board, copy and paste the boards URL, the date you applied and their rules.

When you have been invited into a group board, you can go to tailwind and create a boards list, which that once set up will automatically post pins for you while following the boards rules. Click here to go to my tailwind post and see how to create a boards list.

Follow these daily tasks to grow your business fast.

(Tailwind)If you have a new pin to share with your tribe groups. Start out by re pinning 5 pins to your board
(Tailwind) post your pin to tribes
Apply to at least 4 group boards a day
Once accepted to a group board go to tailwind and create a boards list for that group (or post pins manually once a day to your group boards if not using tailwind)

Questions Everyone Wants To Know, But Never Thought To Ask

How long will it take before I start to see more traffic to my blog from pinterest?

It all depends on your niche and what techniques you are using to get visitors to your page, but in general it will take about 4-6 months.

How do I know if my pins are performing well or not?

A general rule of thumb to go by is for every 1000 pin impressions you should have at least 10 clicks. Some will be more some will be less.

I hope you enjoyed this free pinterest course on how to use pinterest to promote your blog, if you have any question, comment below!

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